Maya is half-dressed with no place to go! So, in her vintage lingerie,
she struggles with a clear spray for us, trying to pop it. As the
tight latex stretches further, she braces it with her knees, causing
even more stress to that poor balloon. It just might pop!


Uma works her way through a red sixteen-inch qualatex, right up to a
stunning finish. As she blows harder and harder, the glistening latex expands and the neck convulses with her every breath. How much further can it stretch? The harder she blows, the closer she is to finding out. Watch out, Uma!


Matty puts her skills to the test on a bright yellow jellybean, and this girl knows what she's doing.
Looks like she's enjoying herself there, watching that lovely balloon stretch and grow.
Just when you think it can't get any bigger . . . it does. Be careful
. . . it just might pop!


Here we have Bess with a seventeen-inch tightly inflated clear balloon.
She does a bit of preparation at first, stretching it out . . . and
then the fun starts. This one gets truly huge, the latex strained as
much as absolutely possible. The ending explosion is a shocker, even
for her.